Author Blogs

First of all, what is an author blog?

It’s basically a neat way to keep in touch with your readers. Some of you may be surprised to learn that this is my author blog. Right now, it has mostly writing guides, but when I feel ready, I will post news about my upcoming novels here and maybe a few one-shots.

Anyways, why should you have an author blog? This’ll be better answered using a pros/cons table. So, look below for why you should or should not have an author blog.

Pros Cons
easy to share news about upcoming books yet another log-in to another website
a nice home for you and your books tons of advertising to get it known
your readers can learn more about you something else to worry about updating

The choice is up to you. To have an author blog or to not have one.

If you do end up making one or if you have one already, feel free to share your blog’s link below and I’ll take a look. Advertising is hard work, so don’t be afraid to use this post’s comment section to network with other people that have author blogs.

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