Life Lessons in Novels

When I was younger, I remember one of my teachers told me something like this:

“A story without a theme is not worth calling a story.”

(I might be misquoting them, but it went something like that.)

Anyways, having a theme (or moral message) in your story is a great way to teach your readers a lesson while entertaining them at the same time. It’s not the same as being lectured by a teacher because the lesson is subtle and it’s often very relatable. It’ll take some analysis to dig these out, too.

For example, a teen fiction novel where a young girl finds a way to overcome her issues of loneliness by making a new friend can inspire other people in the same situation. (ie. the message of “There is always hope.”) But it shouldn’t be easy either. That’s not how life works. Make the characters struggle so they can grow. So, the first friend the girl makes should not be a perfect friend.

Simply put, sprinkling lessons into your story is how you can reach out and touch the reader’s life. Think about all the books that touched your life. What about them inspired you? What about them made you want to change your lifestyle or even yourself?

This is basically what you should be trying to do in your books, too, if you want to leave a lasting impression on your readers. To make your book stand out from the rest.

This is great and all, but what other kinds of messages can I teach?

I’m glad you asked. Here are some lovely resources to help you get started:

And last but not least, take another interesting but related quote.

Got any questions? Leave a comment below or contact me through my contact page.


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