The End is Coming

Within our lifetime, we will see the end of the written world. There will be no more novels written, no more stories published, and no more people to read them either. The only thing that will remain is pure text talk. The literacy rate will drop to unimaginable lows.

And it’s all because of one crooked villain; social media.

Just kidding. None of that above is actually true. I made it all up. (Or is it true? Who knows?) Anyways, welcome to another writing guide. This time, we’re talking about satire. Before I continue on with my usual rambling, let’s take a moment to define satire.

As you can see, satire is a very useful writing strategy when you want to provide commentary on a topic while being subtle. For example, I wrote a whole book about two teenagers who met over social media before starting to date. I exaggerated their personalities to make them very extreme caricatures. Then I ended their relationship in a completely disastrous way.

The whole point of that book? To deter people from dating online. To teach them a lesson about how people in the real world are different from how they act online. Plus a ton of other messages that I can’t think of at the moment. The point is, satire is useful for mocking things about society without offending anyone. It’s very subtle in that regard.

I don’t really have much to teach you guys about satire because I am still learning. I mainly made this post to expose you to the concept, in case you hadn’t been exposed to it in school already, and to inspire you guys to write satire pieces, if you have not before.

And since this is a writing guide and I should be somewhat helpful in these, I’ll add some links for good satire guides in case anyone is interested. Hope it helps, and happy writing!

How to write Satire and be a satire writer

Satire Writing Tips

Writing Satire is Harder Than You Think

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