Writing Goals for 2017

Happy New Year, everyone!

Since it’s officially 2017 (as of this post), I thought it might be a fun idea to share a few of my planned writing projects for this new year.

Please keep in mind, though, that this is only my goals/plans. I might not even get to some of these projects this year. I do hope on at least starting all of them sometime this year.

Now, without further ado, here they are!

(The covers are most likely going to be adjusted, but feel free to share feedback anyways.)

1. The Last Star: A Lost Constellation

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: Spring/Summer 2017


Dearest Aurelia,

I send my deepest condolences for the deaths of all your closest relatives, many of which I am responsible for. Without them, that leaves you as the last member of the Sanctus species, and I’d hate for you to remain ever so lonely. Do not worry, dear. I will send someone to take care of you, too.

Best Wishes,

– Victor Frost

2. Captain Flynn: Space Explorer

Genre: Science-Fiction

Release Date: Late Spring/Early Summer 2017


“After years of searching, humans have finally found another planet suitable for supporting life. Immediately following the discovery, at the discretion of the national government, NASA filed away all information pertaining to the planet’s discovery.

However, this all changed one day, when a hacker leaked the files to the public eye. Many were outraged and shocked that their government would hide something so monumental from them for such a long time.

And due to the growing issue of overpopulation, many wished to settle this new planet as soon as possible. Threatened by the people, the government gave into the request but they had to do this the smart way.

Not wanting to risk too many lives, it was decided that a small test group would be sent out as an experiment. If they are able to survive and prove that the planet is livable in the long-term, then preparations would be made for a full-scale settlement.

The first group was selected and the date for take-off was approaching. However, the discovery of a few dangerous secrets prompted Captain Flynn and his crew to steal the ship and leave on their own.

As soon as the government found out, they decided to cut off all communication between the ship and the headquarters. They would still monitor their results in secret but the first group would be 100% on their own as a punishment for leaving too early.

Whether they can survive or not will depend on how well they are able to work as a group. Humanity is counting on them. Good luck, Flynn Morris.”

3. Shattered Sky

Genre: Short Story

Release Date: Fall/Winter 2017


“You were my star, but I was not your sky.”

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