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If this is your first time on my blog, welcome! I am so glad you could join us here. After you read through this post, feel free to explore around. I have a lot of helpful writing guides posted, and I’m sure you’ll be able to learn at least one new thing from me.

And even if this isn’t your first visit here, I welcome you anyway. It’s always nice to see a return visitor, even if I don’t know who any of you are. It just makes me glad that someone could find my blog useful enough to revisit time and time again.

So, now, let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

Writing guides are great and all, but they’re not perfect. Nothing beats having a second pair of eyes to skim over your work and let you know what looks off. This post is me offering to be your second (and third pair) of eyes. (Yes, I wear glasses.)

As you can tell by the title of this post, I will be doing this service for free. However, if you find my feedback useful or you simply want to thank me for my time, I encourage you all to look at some of my works displayed on the home page of this blog.

Again, this is not mandatory, because I will be offering reviews for free.

Now without further ado, let’s lay down some ground rules.

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Nightmare is back!

“Lumi. Why are you spending so much time on short stories lately? When can we expect to see that fantasy book that you’ve been teasing us about?”

Sshh. Patience. I’ve got a plan. Besides, Nightmare is a fan favorite and it is complete. So, posting it part by part (with some minor edits) will not prevent me from working on other projects, alright?

Also, remember Superhero Hotline? It’s going really well. I’m nearing the halfway point of it, and it’s helping me with the habit of writing daily. (Plus, it’s a nice mental break.)

“That’s a relief. I thought you were going to delete it just like you did to—”

Quiet. We do not speak of that project.


No more words. Now, look at this lovely cover that a friend of mine made. It’s also a clickable cover, so if you click it, it’ll take you to the story. As of this blog post, there are six parts up, but I will post a new one every other day. That’s enough of me talking. Go forth and enjoy the ride!