Camp NaNo Surprise!

In an attempt to be more regular with my blog posts on here, I have a surprise for you all.

During the month of July, I plan to interview four successful writers from Wattpad about their writing journey. Every Friday in July, you’ll get the chance to read a new interview.

I’m hoping that these interviews will motivate you all to work hard and make July’s Camp NaNo a success. (For those of you who don’t know what Camp NaNo is, click here.)

Depending on how well the interviews go, I might extend it into August with four more writers. So, if you’d like to see more interviews on this blog, please be vocal.

In other news, I made a Twitter account last month. You can find me at @astrolumi.

As of right now, there is barely any content on it, but as soon as I get more comfortable with it, I hope to use it more for sharing quote art and other miscellaneous writing tips.

For those of you follow me on Wattpad, this next bit may be old news, but I have a new story on Wattpad! It’s called The Happiness Project. Here’s the lovely cover that KellyGe designed for me:

A dialogue story about a depressed girl who signs up to have her own life sponsor. The content may be a bit triggering for some, but the story is meant to be light-hearted and inspiring.

As always, the cover above is a clickable cover, so if you’d like to see what happens in the story, just click the cover to read more. As of this post, there are seven parts posted.

Thank you all so much for reading this post! Enjoy the rest of your day/night. 🙂