July 21st Interview

Welcome to the third segment of July’s Camp NaNo-inspired interviews!

This time, we have the spectacular @Lightning_Stryker joining us from Wattpad.

Yes, I like puns. Sue me.

So, without further ado, let’s welcome Light with a big round of applause!

For readers out there who may not know you, would you please introduce yourself briefly?

Hi! Many of you may know me as Light! I’ve been a writer on Wattpad for about two years now. Within those years, I have written books in a various variety of genres including: Science fiction, short story, poetry, and teen fiction! Nice to meet you all!

What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve been writing ever since I was little. I would always take a tiny notepad and jot down little stories. Due to the fact that I used to read a lot, my imagination would always run wild with different scenarios that I would eventually combine into short stories.

I think that my inspiration to start writing was drawn from a different variety of factors. There was not one single factor that contributed to my writing, but one of the most influential factors was that writing allowed me to express my emotions through different characters. It was a fun challenge to create different characters by writing a few words on a blank sheet.

During your writing journey, did you ever feel like giving up, and what did you do to do overcome those moments?

Oh goodness, yes I have! I think every writer has a moment in time where they just feel like they want to give up. This is especially true when I get a severe case of writer’s block because I really don’t know how to go on with the story I’m working on. Usually when I experience this, I try to take a break from the story to clear my head. Often times, I also read other books to see what factors that readers like incorporated into the works they’re reading and interacting with.

The best advice I can give to someone who experiences writer’s block or just feels discouraged from writing is to step back from your book for about a week and then go back to it when you feel ready. You’ll most likely find inspiration the smallest thought or action.

Just for fun, why don’t you tell us about one of your current projects?

Well my most current project is The Lost Boy Series that is exclusively available on Wattpad. As of now, the series consists of three books and there will definitely be more in the future. The Lost Boy Series is basically a modern day retelling of the Peter Pan tale, incorporating many different elements that weren’t in the Disney film. It’s a super short read and many Wattpad readers have enjoyed it.

Also, the series is being featured in the August 2017 #WattpadBlockParty so come drop by and say hi!

Do you have any advice for new writers?

Of course! The number one thing I can emphasize is to write a story because you want to tell it to the world. When you begin to write a book, don’t worry about reads, votes, comments, or follows. Your number one priority should be to write a story for yourself because once you feel happy with your own work, others will too.

Reads, comments, votes, and follows will all come once you take the time to perfect your craft. Writing a story because you genuinely want to is the best feeling in the world and will make the writing process so much more enjoyable for both you and the readers.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yes! Thank you so much to all of my readers who have supported me along this journey! You all are the best!

Also, a HUGE thanks to you Lumi! Thanks so much for interviewing me!

Thank you so much for your time! 🙂

If you’d like to read more from Light, you can find her on Wattpad at @Lightning_Stryker

See you all next week for the final interview! 😀


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